Here & (T)here Podcast S03E08 - Caring For Aging Parents From Over There - March 31, 2017

March 31, 2017

Many people have observed that, the second you're born, you start dying. Of course, dying is not an acceptable reality these days until you've got a good 80-90 years behind you! I'm at the age and stage where my parents are now mid-70s and their health is relatively good, considering their age. That being said, I know at any moment that could change - but I'm over HERE and can immediately step in to help with a health crisis. You're over THERE, and you've left your aging parents back HERE - so what do you do when you get "the call" from your mom or dad with the news of their recent diagnosis? In the latest edition of the Here & (T)here podcast, I was able to ask Wendy Laird Skinner that question and a few more about this issue. Special grace and peace upon her for opening up about the challenges of caring for aging parents from overseas. Trust you will enjoy her honesty and advice! 🙋🏼🔜👵🏼🏥🚨 #prayforbetty #lairdforlife #agingparents #hntpodcast

Here & (T)here Podcast S03E07 - Der Matthäus ist in Deutschland - March 24, 2017

March 24, 2017

Steve Martin once famously said, "Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way when you do criticize him, you'll be a mile away and have his shoes." Well last week I traded in my Chuck Taylor Converse and walked a few thousand KMs in Sheldon Armitage's #German clogs, and now I'm ready to tell him what I really think of the GW life in #Europa. For the first time since the birth of the Here & There Podcast, we've fully switched places with me being "over there" in Germany et la France, and Sheldon doing time "over here" in Canada. Pardon Sheldon's Canadian Internet signal and poor audio...just one of the many crosses to bear living in Canada. Kein Bier wurde bei der Herstellung dieses Podcast verbraucht! 🇩🇪🔜🇨🇦 #mattoverthere #sheldonoverhere #tradingplaces #hntpodcast

Here & (T)here Podcast S03E06 - Roaming Around At District Conference - March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017

The audio quality of this podcast gets much better after a few minutes. I promise.

Have you ever attended a District Conference? What's the point beyond voting on amendments to the amendments of the resolution on whether or not we should raise one hand or two during worship? Is there any reason for global workers to go to their district conference?

This week on the podcast, Sheldon and his awesome co-host Anna attend the BC and Yukon District Conference. Along the way they attend a banquet (free food!) bump into a few familiar faces and make some new friends as well. If you've ever wondered what the director of GlobalEd is up to or how the author of the Wellness Plan and Sheldon are connected or even who Rebecca Strafforelli is, then pour yourself a cup of coffee and give this episode a listen.

BTW...This episode is 100% Matt Janes free as he's over THERE on family vacation somewhere in Europe.

Here & (T)here Podcast S03E05 - Kerry Halliwell By The Numbers - March 2, 2017

March 2, 2017

In a Meet The Home Team kind of podcast, I had the chance to sit and chat with Kerry Halliwell this week, who is the Manager of Global Operations for International Missions. She used to be a GW (or is she still?) with her family in #Malawi and now works in #Meccassauga supporting GWs on the finance side. She seems to have one job: to help the PAOC keep it's charitable status. Kerry is a by-the-book kind of person, who's heck-bent on following the rules on how donor money is spent. Her #Birkman results had the nerve of yelling "nerd" right to her face! Caution: never ever use the words #channel or #funnel with her if you want to keep getting your expenses reimbursed. Sharpen your pencils, tape your glasses, and grab a spreadsheet...this is a riveting pod! 🤓💸🔢🎾👟🌍🇲🇼💪🏿 #bythenumbers #CRAwizard #HnTpodcast

Here & (T)here Podcast S03E04 - Retiring The ‘M’ Word - February 23, 2017

February 23, 2017

The 'M' Word. Some people love it, others love to hate it. Early use of the word in Sheldon Armitage's childhood drove him to counseling as an adult. Of course, we're talking about the word "missionary" or as Darcy likes to say, "Global Workers". An article I recently shared on Facebook called "Why I Think it's Time to Retire the Word 'Missionary'" got people talking. Turns out, you might just be passionate about your title! Well, you talked about it, so Sheldon and I podded about it in the latest edition of the HnT Podcast. Have a listen and keep having your say in the comments. For now, I'm going to call you all #Globissionaries. 🗣💬#wordsmatter

Here & (T)here Podcast S03E03 - Talking to the Keeper of the Bridge - February 18, 2017

February 17, 2017

They are the keepers of the bridge. The ones who get you in the door or keep you locked outside where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. I'm talking about the much discussed and mostly misunderstood, Missions Pastor (or chair of the missions committee in some churches). They may not hold the keys to death, hell and the grave but they do decide who gets into the church, who gets support and who goes home with nothing at all.

On this episode of the Here & (T)here, Sheldon and his better-than-Matt cohost, Anna Armitage, sit down during Stormaggedon (2 cms) in Vancouver to talk with Pastor Paul Moores about missions giving, church committees and how global workers can better engage with churches. Pastor Paul gives the other side of the shared funding story and encourages churches on how they can better support their missions partners.

This is a great episode for global workers and for church mission teams to listen to so pass it along!

Here & (T)here Podcast S03E02 - Saving Shared Funding - February 9, 2017

February 9, 2017

A few weeks ago, Sheldon Armitage and I attended a meeting in #Meccassauga where a Who's Who in the PAOC gathered to examine the Shared Funding Model. I am pretty sure I was invited because I have the nicest beard. We are happy to report that we saved Shared Funding and you're all getting a one year break from raising partners! As the kids say these days: jk. They say you can't fix something that ain't broken, but Sheldon and I gave it a whirl on the latest episode of the HnT Podcast with our Top 10 Amazing Shared Funding Replacement Ideas. Have any to add? Leave them in the comments below, and let's turn Shared Funding upside down! #hntpodcast #sharedfunding #moneycometh

Here & (T)here Podcast S03E01 - And We’re Back! - February 2, 2017

February 2, 2017

We know, we's been awhile but we're back and we're better than ever. In fact we're so back that this season is called Here & (T)here. Why's that you ask? Well, the 'There' part of the podcast (Sheldon) is actually 'Here' in Canada for a home assignment. Not only that, but he finally had the opportunity to visit the Here Studio and stay at the Janes' Global Worker Ranch and Spa Resort run by Matt himself.

Confused yet? No worry, give this podcast a listen and hear about readjustment issues, mid-life crisis and the fun and frivolity of the Here & There Podcast that you know and love and have missed.

Weeeeeee're BACK!

Here & There Podcast S02E28 - Season Two in Review - September 7, 2016

September 7, 2016

And it's a wrap! In the category of better-late-than-never, Sheldon Armitage and I finally got our ducks in a row and dropped the Here & There Podcast finale for Season 2. If we have any listeners left who are still alive and caught the majority of our second season, this is the sugar in your tea, the icing on your cake, the milk on your Coco Pops, the custard on your pie, the cherry on top, the ice in your iced coffee, the Rick in your Shaw...OK, I'll stop. Just a couple of months away from the Season 3 launch, we took the time to reflect on a season in the books by reviewing the pods that made the cut and looking ahead to what may be in the upcoming season. If you've never tuned in to the HnT Podcast, don't start with this one...wait for Season 3 to become a huge fan and donor. To the rest of you, enjoy this finale like the gravy on your turkey! 🎙✌🏼✋🏼 #seasontwoinreview

Here & There Podcast S02E27 - The Problem With Poverty - July 2, 2016

July 5, 2016

In Robert Lupton's book, Toxic Charity, Lupton has strong things to say to materially rich ‪#‎Christians‬ about ‪#‎money‬, ‪#‎power‬, and ‪#‎dependency‬. Two statistics from his book include:
* ‪#‎Africa‬ has received $1 trillion in benevolent aid in the last 50 years, and per capita income is now lower, life expectancy has stagnated, and adult literacy is lower.
* U.S. missions teams who rushed to ‪#‎Honduras‬ to help rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Mitch spent on average $30,000 per home—homes locals could have built for $3,000 each.
No one wants to think their generosity hurts people, but books like Dead Aid and When Helping Hurts have alerted us to the problem. So what is going on? The answer is complex and involves issues of basic economics, power, dependency, and bad motives.
In the Season 2 penultimate episode of the Here & There Podcast, I sit down with Mark Crocker of to talk ‪#‎relief‬, ‪#‎development‬, ‪#‎ownership‬, ‪#‎partnership‬, ‪#‎simplesolutions‬ and ‪#‎doingnoharm‬. Comments and discussion is both welcomed and encouraged!