Here & There Podcast

Here & There Podcast S01E11 - The P Word - Feb 24, 2015

February 24, 2015

Porn. Some say it's only a guy problem. Others say it's normal and doesn't really hurt anybody. Professionals insist that looking at porn harms your brain and kills real love. Anti-porn activists are calling it the "new drug".

It was finally time for Sheldon Armitage​ and Matt Janes to have "the talk"...with each other. Listen in as we share our first and last encounters with pornography.

Brett Ullman (of joins us and answers our questions about how the church is handling the issue of our sexual ethic, and talks about how we can fight the culture of shame and encourage people to get the help they want and need.

I'm pretty sure we succeeded in barely scratching the surface here. Let's keep talking about it.