Here & There Podcast

Here & There Podcast S02E22 - Nontraditional Irish Stew - May 21, 2016

May 21, 2016

This past week, Stewart Paul Shaw and his daughter Hope Shaw stayed in the ‪#‎missionaryguesthouse‬ while meeting with supporters in the ‪#‎Toronto‬ area and preparing to return to ‪#‎India‬. Stew is one of a kind. An original. The real McCoy. A genuine Indian article. An ‪#‎Irish‬ anomaly. A legendary oddity. I was excited when he agreed to be on the Here & There Podcast, but wasn't sure where it would lead because of our shared ‪#‎ADD‬. We wandered around his childhood, talked musical tastes, addictions, his family, their call to India, the Teen Challenge dream, and his greatest accomplishment so far in life. ‪#‎Hope‬ you enjoy this bowl of nontraditional Irish Stew! 🇮🇪👉🏽🇮🇳👌🏼 ‪#‎IndianLeprechaun‬