Here & There Podcast

Here & There Podcast S02E24 - You Can Call Me ካሌብ - June 11, 2016

June 12, 2016

The Urban Dictionary describes a person named ‪#‎Kaleb‬ this way: "A Kaleb will make you laugh, when nothing else can. A Kaleb will make your face hurt from the amount of smiling you'll do. A Kaleb is the best kind of guy you'll ever come across, so if you're lucky enough to meet a Kaleb don't let him slip through your probably won't find another one. They are like an endangered species in the world of men." In the latest edition of the HnT Podcast, I sat down and squirmed around with this young ‪#‎Canethiopian‬, who's name means "devotion to God", and asked him some tough (for a 4 year old) and not-so-tough questions about being ‪#‎adopted‬, eating ‪#‎injera‬, being an answer to prayer, if it was #1 or #2, and becoming a ‪#‎missionary‬. As you listen, I think you'll agree: this kid is going to do great things in this world! 🇪🇹👶🏾👌🏾