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Here & There Podcast S02E28 - Season Two in Review - September 7, 2016

September 7, 2016

And it's a wrap! In the category of better-late-than-never, Sheldon Armitage and I finally got our ducks in a row and dropped the Here & There Podcast finale for Season 2. If we have any listeners left who are still alive and caught the majority of our second season, this is the sugar in your tea, the icing on your cake, the milk on your Coco Pops, the custard on your pie, the cherry on top, the ice in your iced coffee, the Rick in your Shaw...OK, I'll stop. Just a couple of months away from the Season 3 launch, we took the time to reflect on a season in the books by reviewing the pods that made the cut and looking ahead to what may be in the upcoming season. If you've never tuned in to the HnT Podcast, don't start with this one...wait for Season 3 to become a huge fan and donor. To the rest of you, enjoy this finale like the gravy on your turkey! 🎙✌🏼✋🏼 #seasontwoinreview