Here & There Podcast

Here & There - S01E19 - The Traffick Report - April 28, 2015

April 28, 2015

We wish we could have hired a helicopter to give you the traffick report but our budgets wouldn’t allow it (we’re no Murray Cornelius after all). Instead we get the traffick report from two special guests, Anna Armitage (the better half of the better half of this podcast) and our Christmas-episode guest, Ashley Salomons. Recently they attended the European Freedom Network’s Bridge Conference in Bucharest, Romania. They share their thoughts on what it means to be involved in one of the "hottest" and yet most misunderstood missional issues of today: human trafficking. What does it take to fight trafficking? Why can’t one heroic individual (a la Liam Nesson) or organization take care of the problem? What can others do to get involved? Why do we need to network in order to tackle this terrible problem?

While we know it won’t make your commute to work or church any shorter or more comfortable, we do hope this episode makes you realize that we can’t avoid the traffick. Instead we need to be involved in stopping the traffick and making sure those who are caught in it can find their way home.