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Here & There Podcast S01E21 - A Bit of Cheese and W(h)ine Featuring the Grand Fromage - May 20, 2015

May 20, 2015

We thought it would be best to let Johnny Cash introduce this week's special podcast guest:

"There's a man goin' 'round takin' names.

And he decides who to free and who to blame

Everybody won't be treated all the same.

There'll be a golden ladder reaching down.

When the man comes around."

This week we come into the presence of greatness as we interview "the man, the myth, the legend...the Big Cheese himself"...Murray Cornelius. He graciously shares his wisdom, answers Global Worker questions and agrees not to fire us (well Sheldon at least) for exposing missional secrets on the podcast.

Plus we do an awesome Rapid Fire that you do not want to miss. Hear what Murray really thinks have to listen to find out (but it does involve whether his favourite is M@ or Šel).

Indeed: "the man has come to town" (at least to the Here & There Podcast).