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Here & There Podcast S02E11 - Milestones and Kidney Stones - Feb. 18, 2016

February 18, 2016

Happy double 20s Anna Armitage! Matt and Shel celebrate a Milestone birthday over there in Slovakia and start to reflect on celebrations, birthdays and the aging process. Do you get better or bitter with age? Do you know how to collect your old age pension? Do you know how to reinvent yourself? Does it even matter?

Plus we talk about something very serious...the Superbowl! Does anyone outside of Here even care about the fake "football?"
It's a lighter pod for a heavy subject...but of course we navigate it beautifully with our wit, charm and brilliance...oh yeah, Brenda Synagogue is on her way to Slovakia which means we do another "So you're getting a midtermer."
Enjoy the show!