Here & There Podcast S02E23 - Hope for the Hopeless - May 28, 2016

May 29, 2016

While Stewart Paul Shaw was in Toronto last week making ‪#‎partners‬ and influencing ‪#‎donors‬, I had the chance to hang out with and get to know his and Monique Shaw's daughter, Hope Shaw. The youngest of 3 Shaw kids, Hope has had an illustrious career as an MK/TCK! We talked about being dragged to ‪#‎India‬ at 2 years of age by a ‪#‎leash‬, running away from home at 14 to go to ‪#‎boarding‬ school in ‪#‎Thailand‬, whether or not her parents properly prepared her for ‪#‎adult‬ life, moving to ‪#‎Redding‬, California, ‪#‎USA‬ to work on her ‪#‎process‬, and her potential future in ‪#‎Kolkata‬, India. The world is her ‪#‎oyster‬, and she wants the world to know ‪#‎hope‬. ‪#‎hopeforthehopeless‬ ‪#‎livingontheedge‬ ‪#‎lifeofmission‬ ‪#‎missionisliving‬ ‪#‎MK‬ ‪#‎TCK‬ ‪#‎Canadindian‬ 🇨🇦❤️💚🇮🇳

Here & There Podcast S02E22 - Nontraditional Irish Stew - May 21, 2016

May 21, 2016

This past week, Stewart Paul Shaw and his daughter Hope Shaw stayed in the ‪#‎missionaryguesthouse‬ while meeting with supporters in the ‪#‎Toronto‬ area and preparing to return to ‪#‎India‬. Stew is one of a kind. An original. The real McCoy. A genuine Indian article. An ‪#‎Irish‬ anomaly. A legendary oddity. I was excited when he agreed to be on the Here & There Podcast, but wasn't sure where it would lead because of our shared ‪#‎ADD‬. We wandered around his childhood, talked musical tastes, addictions, his family, their call to India, the Teen Challenge dream, and his greatest accomplishment so far in life. ‪#‎Hope‬ you enjoy this bowl of nontraditional Irish Stew! 🇮🇪👉🏽🇮🇳👌🏼 ‪#‎IndianLeprechaun‬

Here & There Podcast S02E21 - Lessons From The Majority World Church - May 13, 2016

May 13, 2016

Murray Cornelius joins us again for a great conversation on how the Majority World church is doing things differently and maybe even better than we are. Matt and Shel have the privilege to grill their boss about his claims, ask him about turning 60 and try to get him to go "full angry prophet" on the Canadian church. If you work for PAOC IM then you have to listen or else we'll dock your pay. At least that's what Murray said. It's a great use of your time and a good way to honour Murray before he takes the fateful step into senior status. Happy Birthday big cheese!

HnT The Missionary Position on Church Planting & Recruiting - May 7, 2016

May 7, 2016

This past week, right after ‪#‎PAOC‬ ‪#‎gencon2016‬ in ‪#‎Montreal‬, an Ethiopian Eunich came to stay in the ‪#‎missionaryguesthouse‬ in Pickering, ON. We ate all low-carb food, drank a ton of good coffee, and did plenty of talking...and neither of us know any short sentences! Between high fat meals, we dropped a discussion about ‪#‎churchplanting‬ in Ethiopia and beyond in the podcatcher. My guest opens up about ‪#‎gencon‬, ‪#‎family‬, ‪#‎fogmachines‬, ‪#‎coffee‬, ‪#‎apostles‬, ‪#‎diapers‬, ‪#‎traplesschurches‬, ‪#‎northafrica‬, ‪#‎bigladies‬, ‪#‎ownership‬ and world domination. Be careful when you listen - you may just find yourself inspired and moving to Africa to join his team as they continue planting coffee churches across the continent! 🇪🇹☕️⛪️👏🏼