Here & There Podcast

Here & There Podcast S02E15 - Meet The Crocker - March 23, 2016

March 23, 2016

Short-Term Missions. Some people love it, while others love to take swings at it like it's a piñata at a Mexican-themed Alpha small group party. There are Global Workers who host plenty of STM teams every year for a variety of reasons. A nameless few GWs wouldn't be caught dead inviting and hosting short-termers in their adopted cities and villages. Say what you want about STM teams - and in the latest edition of the Here & There Podcast Mark Crocker does - there's a way you can host and use STM teams with much more effectiveness than you are right now. Mark is one of our fellowship's most creative thinkers and provocative trainers, and many of you have had your deeply held beliefs about international work challenged by Mark at ‪#‎Segue‬. I thoroughly enjoyed rekindling my bromance for mission with Mark on this podcast, and catching up on what he's been doing since launching ‪#‎shorttermmissions‬ ‪#‎longtermimpact‬ ‪#‎leadercertification‬ ‪#‎stmleaderDOTcom‬ ‪#‎africaisacountry‬