Here & There Podcast

Here & There Podcast S02E25 - Breaking Up Is Easy To Do - June 18, 2016

June 19, 2016

Turns out, breaking up is easy to least when it comes to Global Workers and supporting churches! In the latest edition of the HnT Podcast and the long-awaited reunion of pod partners, I join Šel and Ännå and talk about the touchy subject of getting ‪#‎dumped‬ by a ‪#‎partner‬ church. If you're a GW who's been fed the proverbial, "It's not you, it's me" line by a ‪#‎supporter‬ before, you might want to tune in with an empathetic box of Kleenex and a notepad to take notes on how to "take it like a ‪#‎Eurasian‬ missionary" from the Armitages. In the end maybe it's not me, it's you! 🇨🇦⛪️💸💔🇸🇰